We don’t feel entitled to be extraordinary. But looking back on 2015, maybe we should.

Everything in life is a trade-off. Us humans are a wildly diverse group of smelly creatures and what we end up accomplishing ultimately depends on our practice and effort.
Sophie Racing have been sailing the Dragon for two and a half years. And 2015 has been our best year so far. We are ranked ten in the world right now and with a new boat from PCT, an insanely talented whiz kid (Bernardo Freitas, who´s been with us for a year) in the middle, a helmsman constantly pushing and driving well and an old man in the front feeling the pressure, who knows what 2016 will bring. We will leave no stones unturned nor will we wallow in the mire. And we will never ever feel entitled to be extraordinary. There are so many other humble men on this planet that do.

2015 so far:
1. World Cup Silver 6M
3. Elected the most elegant team on the tour.